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!!For Fans of ALL Japanese Street Fashion!!
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Hi, welcome to j_fashion, the LJ community for fans of ALL Japanese Street Fashion!!

Do you have an obsession with Japanese Street Fashion? Then you've come to the right place! This community is for all kinds of Japanese Street Fashion whether it's Lolita, Decora, Ganguro, even visual band cosplays, I know there are plenty more!
Here you can:

♥ Post pics of yourself in said style

♥ Post pics that relate to the month's theme...or not! We're not strict here. :D

♥Post images and graphics pertaining to J-fashion(such as icons,LJ layouts or wallpapers,scans from magazines,ect...)

♥ Ask Questions & Get Advice

♥ Share online (or offline) shops and websites

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~ DO NOT Be rude or crude to other members (constructive criticism ONLY!) Any posts that create flamewars will be deleted, and the person or persons responsible could be banned!!

~ONLY SALES promotions are allowed and they MUST be relevent to the communities theme. That means ONLY j-fashion related! If your not sure whether or not your promotion is acceptable please email me sugar_time_doll @ yahoo . com and I'll let you know. NO COMMUNITY PROMOTIONS EVER!!! Your post will be deleted!!

~DO NOT Post unneccessary posts (such as "look at my new dog.." "I love cupcakes" etc >_>) They will be deleted!!

~ Please limit the "look what I bought while shopping" posts with pictures of you NOT wearing your outfit. (you can do them just not every time you go shopping)

~You may post ONE pic outside an LJ-cut and it has to be 400x400 pixels all others must go under an LJ-cut!


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For Anyone thats new please make this survey your first post!!

::What Style Most Influences you?::
::When Did You First See or Hear About J-Fashion?::
::Who Are Your Favorite Japanese Designers?::
::Anything Else You Want To Add?::
::Picture of Yourself (optional)::

**Note** Your first pic here doesn't neccessarily have to be a full body shot, a simple face shot will do! It's just so we know what you look like! All posts after that have to do with your outfit or whatever your posting about (hair posts are fine to!)

Moderator: revolfoxxx> & Co-Mod: _spacecadette_

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And the Bigger one: